Adult group wechat Call and fuck no sign up no card required

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Adult group wechat

The We Chat public platform is a powerful place to showcase your products/services and more importantly, for brand image shaping, communicating with fans and promoting We Chat e Commerce shops.

However, for the present, the commercial ecosystem of We Chat public accounts is facing potential threats.

We Chat mini program has made itself heard again after half a year of being doubted by everyone and silence, likely ready to empower the public account.

In this issue, we will introduce a few interesting and very successful We Chat mini programs, hoping to provide you with some We Chat marketing inspirations.

In total, 15,310 occupational participants including 3467 participants (22.65%) in the control group and 11,843 participants (77.35%) in the We Chat group were enrolled.

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The French luxury leather brand Longchamp is following this trend of mini We Chat programs.