Updating win zip

Posted by / 27-Aug-2017 10:53

Updating win zip

Now you can instantly unzip any Zip file in Explorer, or from the Win Zip Files Pane, the Win Zip Ribbon or File menu.

Easily unzip files to the folder that it originated from, your Documents folder, or a folder that you choose!

Work faster and eliminate the risk of launching multiple Win Zip windows.Just choose daily, weekly, or monthly; specify schedule details if applicable; type in your user name and password; and click OK.Since the Schedule Job dialog is a custom interface to the Windows Task Scheduler, your username and password will be required to save your scheduled job.Easily remove personal data (EXIF) from various files so that when they are shared, your information is not included.Secure any of the following file types to ensure they do not contain additional data that, while not typically visible, may be personal: DOC/DOCX, GIF, JPG (JPEG), PDF, PNG, PSD, PPT/PPTX, and XLS/XLSX.

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You can also configure your backup job to send you a notification when it has finished.