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During development, Nokia PC Suite has kept the original and simple interface with all the buttons and tabs aligned in a small rectangle frame.

The left side contains the phone connection wizard button and the toolbar options and on the right side we have the actual management buttons.

Many years back when I want to update the firmware of the Nokia phone, I’ll have to bring it to a Nokia service center and get them to do it.

Now, Nokia allows us, the end-users to update the device firmware via Software Updater from our computer.

The steps to restore back all your contacts, text messages and etc from backup is nearly the same as back up.

Synchronize allows the phone to be synced with the PC after the button has been clicked. Connect to the internet allows the phone to be used as a modem and share the internet connection with the PC. Here users can see all the available contact details including mobile phone number, type of phone, email address, company and physical address if any of this information has been included when the contact has been added to the phone on the first time.

New contacts can also be created, edited or deleted from the list.

Nokia PC Suite is a freeware solution offered by the Nokia Corp for phone management as well as backup/restoration of data for the Nokia mobile phones.

This specific application is designed mostly for older models of Nokia phones and for users not in need of multiple data types to manage and quick access to their data.

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As usual, when we buy something that is so new in the market, it tends to be buggy.