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Stollen cam

Nest these days—including the recent departure of its founder, Tony Fadell—overshadows some genuinely great products like the Nest Cam, which just leveled up with a new, outdoor-friendly rig.In many ways, Nest Cam Outdoor is identical to the original Nest Cam (itself essentially a rebranded Dropcam). It’s among the more capable home security cameras, with 1080p video quality, 130-degree wide-angle lens, and a two-way speaker so you can chat with interlopers.He actually thinks the whole thing was some weird You Tube video experiment.Camilo also points out he was carrying around k of Louis Vuitton luggage, so he doesn't need to steal -- which probably won't hold up in court.The included AC adapter provides another 15 feet, which, come to think of it, 25 feet is still a little short.

Five percent actually place their units outside already (not advisable, friends! And outdoor version has been the most-requested feature since Dropcam launched its very first product.It’s got a night-vision mode powered by eight infrared LEDs.At 0, it even costs the same as its indoor counterpart.The big difference is, of course, you can use Nest Cam Outdoor outdoors.The weatherproof case and 10-foot cable lets you wire it up outside, even if 10 feet does sound really short.

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The two are set to perform their last show in Las Vegas before they head back to the Philippines.

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