Foreign affairs dating net

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Foreign affairs dating net

God, if these damned cameras have picked up anything... The problem has been that witnesses have talked to our Department of interplanetary Affairs. Luckily the transmission was recorded on Lems tape recorder, and Worden transmitted it to N. I occasionally think that how quickly our differences world-wide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world." INVASION, AS THE UNITED CONFEDERATION OF PLANETS (the friendly aliens) plans to remove all of them from Earth in 1993!

It is logical that if government agencies keep the existence of U. O.s from outer space secret from the public, if they discovered the home of the U. O.s that would obviously be secret also, and they would have to release cover stories about the Moon to hide the truth. The cosmonauts reportedly panicked and were immediately sent back to Earth. A sentence was constantly repeated on one note, varying from a small to a shrill tone, and from lightly stressed sounds to raucous exclamations. Perhaps we need some OUTSIDE universal threat to make us recognize this common bond.

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We have seen that interview too, as well as a secret video stewing the scientist who leaked that video being assassinated. The farmer kicked the metallic object to make sure it was real. Farmer, Gary Wilcox drove his tractor toward the object clearly visible on a bright sunny day. After that, American, British, and French astronomers reported glowing and moving and sometimes even blinking lights on the Moon during the 1920s and 1930s, often reported in local newspapers and scientific journals of those years which can often be found in major libraries. In 1959 a Martian flying disc spacecraft reportedly landed in the wilderness outside of Moscow, in the Soviet Union, where a secret meeting with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was arranged. grabbed public attention when the inventor of the radio (so credited) Marconi, Tesla publicly reported his experiments in transmitting radio signals to the Moon and attempting to receive answers, which he indeed believed took place. O.s while they were in orbit, particularly Gordon Cooper who publicly admitted he believed they were intelligently controlled craft (we have seen his photos of U. More details in another one of my documents, tapes, and lectures. Use common sense, wisdom, discretion in spreading this information, while avoiding skeptics, paranoid types, religious fanatics, and the emotionally unstable.

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