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Posted by / 08-Jun-2017 14:29

Once the fill is completed, the flow would in theory return to normal.Egypt, where agriculture employs a quarter of the work force, is worried that the damage could be long-lasting.

Around 60 per cent of Egypt's Nile water originates in Ethiopia from the Blue Nile, one of two main tributaries. It has one of the lowest per capita shares of water in the world, some 660 cubic meters a person. With the population expected to double in 50 years, shortages are predicted to become severe even sooner, by 2025.Other experts say the impact will be far smaller, even minimal.They say Egypt could suffer no damage at all if it and Ethiopia work together and exchange information, adjusting the rate of filling the reservoir to ensure that Egypt's own massive reservoir on the Nile, Lake Nasser, stays full enough to meet its needs during the fill. "To my knowledge, this situation is unique, particularly at this scale," said Kevin Wheeler at the Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute.But the Nile is different: few nations rely so completely on a single river as much as Egypt does.The Nile provides over 90 per cent of Egypt's water supply.

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