Ryan gosling dating emma stone Online cam chat humiliation

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Ryan gosling dating emma stone

last night, rapper/producer Jay-Z and his new best buddy, host Ryan Gosling, invited their leadings ladies on a night out to celebrate their successful show and, yes, it was every bit as beautiful of a union as you'd imagine it to be.- a rarity in their books - holding hands as they walked into the venue.During the evening, Oscar-winning co-star and BFF Emma Stone came out and surprised the crowd, pointing out that 'we saved jazz', before the likes of Alec Baldwin and Kate Mc Kinnon treated the audience to a political sketch making light of President Trump on Twitter.THE OSCARS may be a night full of praise and adoration for Hollywood's A-list celebs - but host Jimmy Kimmel was sure to knock everyone down a peg or two by forcing nominees to read out mean tweets about them.

The famous couple is notoriously coy about their relationship, even though they've been dating since 2011.

The pair have had a long-running comedy rivalry starting nearly ten years ago when Jimmy would always end his show with ' I'm sorry to Matt Damon, but we're out of time." The presenter later 'banned' Matt from his show when he took part in a comedy song with then-girlfriend Sarah Silverman in 2009 titled I'm F***ing Matt Damon.

Jimmy later jokingly responded with his own song, titled I'm F***ing Ben Affleck - in a nod to Ben and Matt's close friendship and work partnership - and one-upped the previous song with a series of high-profile cameos in the viral video.

partner-in-crime, Emma Stone, also brought her sibling.

We spotted her during Justin Timberlake's rousing opening number and we've been wondering.

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Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Samuel L Jackson are just some of the names that face their harshest critics - the Twitter troll - in the special awards edition of the segment.

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  2. MR: You mentioned you enjoyed working behind the camera as well. I think this is where I need to be and what I need to do. I'm very lucky in a sense where every time I go to a set I'm always treated with respect and kindness. I wouldn't have the ability that I have today, I wouldn't be able to use the knowledge that I have. " I'm like, "I'm more normal than most people." I love it. I'm in a position where I'm allowed to see these people, I think it's really rad that I'm able to grow from it and I'm using it to my advantage and learning from it.

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