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We'll go through the steps here in case you weren't the one to set up those files or if you'd just like a checklist to follow.

Make these changes to your The primary master name server will load the new zone data.

BIND sends notifications by default, however it is good practice to enable them explicitly if they are an important part of the configuration.

The most likely reason for the slave not requesting a transfer when it has received a notification is if it already has a copy of the zone with the same or a more recent serial number.

Slave name servers will load this new data sometime within the time interval defined in the SOA record for refreshing their data.

Sometimes your users won't want to wait for the slaves to pick up the new zone data -- they'll want it available right away.

Suppose that the zone statement contains a list of nameservers from which zone data can be obtained.

These need not be masters in the sense defined above: it is possible (and sometimes necessary) for a slave to obtain zone data from another slave.

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Masters must be specified as IP addresses, not as domain names, however it is possible to define a ‘masters list’ containing the required addresses which can then be referred to symbolically (see below).