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Right-click the device, then select Disable to stop the camera from working, and click Yes to confirm.However, note that rebooting your computer or installing an update can undo this change.This will affect Modern, Windows Store-style apps only, however.

We can use them with motion detection games and apps, for video chat via Skype and similar services and how they can be subverted to breach your privacy — not just by criminals, but also by security services.Video chat is the default setting for Skype, but it is very easy to disable the video camera that is included in your laptop and block video chat without disabling your built-in microphone.All you need to do is select the proper options in the Skype settings panel. Tick the "No one" radio button under "Automatically receive video and share screens with..." in the left-hand column at the bottom of the video settings box.John De Merceau is an American expatriate entrepreneur, marketing analyst and Web developer.He now lives and works in southeast Asia, where he creates websites and branding/marketing reports for international clients.

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