Lexington sc dating

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Lexington sc dating

It contains abstracts of grants from the original series, not included in the copy series on microfilm. The wills abstracted in this work are found in Greenville County estate records book A and will books B and C on microfilm. Published with the assistance of a grant from the R. It carried notices from all over the Southern states and was not limited to Presbyterians. Many descendants were in Georgia and other states, as well as those in Newberry and other counties in South Carolina. This weekly newspaper was published in Milledgeville, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; and Augusta, Georgia. Within the bodies of such deeds are found the names of such persons whose land had been confiscated, usually indicated as "lands formerly the property of..." The names of these persons are not indicated in the deed index, only the persons who purchased the land. Families Related by Marriage to Descendants of Sands Stanley of the Pee Dee Valley: Edward, Daughtery, Bacto, Brunson, Brown, Thompson, Lucius, Wright, Ford, Montgomery, Knight. For that reason some deeds refer to lands granted by North Carolina, sometimes called "north patents." In the period beginning in 1783 we find some deeds recorded from the Commissioners of Forfeited Estates and the Commissions of Confiscated Estates.

It carried notices from all over the Southern states and was not limited to Presbyterians. While the deeds in these deed books (I-5 through Z-5) were recorded between 17, within these deed books are instruments dating from a much earlier time, some as early as 1703.

It includes facsimiles of documents, photographs, and illustrations. These registers contain records of baptisms, burials, confirmations, marriages, and lists of communicants.

His descendants were largely in Lexington and Calhoun counties in South Carolina, with some branches migrating west. The second register, 1916-1936, is included also in this volume.

Agnew was a native of Abbeville District, South Carolina. Data from deeds, probate records, death certificates, equity records, and family records were used to annotate the census return.

(1981 Reprinted 2013 by Genealogical Publishing Company). (including Allied Families and Genealogical Briefs of Drennan, Springs, Workman, Hanna, Harris, Thomasson, Mc Connell, Sturgis, Reid, Edwards, Dodds, Polk, Latham) by Max Perry.

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