Schulaps mechanical

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Schulaps mechanical

I do lot of mountain biking but have never tried a proper downhill course before so I was really keen to give this a go.We went to Summit Sports to rent bikes after being given a tip that they rented good bikes which were well maintained.The snow line was still around the 400m level and we enjoyed ice-free gravel for most of the trip. Other than a few product and club stickers, only stickers of places we’ve actually been, get put up. The road down and back up was fun to play around on though.We made the side trip on the unmarked turn off down to the beach at Ten Mile Bay. Andrew scoping out the way (he got wet): A few more: We then made our way over to Hale Creek, although neither of us had ever been down to the bottom.We picked a route heading downhill to see where it would go. It was not so bad near the top and we enjoyed working our way down.We were almost at lake level when we came to the part where a creek had taken over the road, with the water still running down the middle.I radioed back to Andrew and he walked up to see what we were dealing with.

After watching a Dodge P/U smash it’s front bumper on approach, and drag/scrape it’s rear bumper climbing out, again we opted to turn around. We setup camp in a small clearing and sat under the canopy as it started to rain.

Every other chair on the lift had been converted to a bike chair which you loaded up to 4 bikes on and then got on the following normal chair. The Greens are pretty straightforward with banked curves, no jumps and are pretty cruisey.

Anyway Sarah had never really done any mountain biking so we needed to start easy. There are two types of runs at Whistler – the fast cruisey ones littered with jumps and with mostly banked corners to help you maintain the pace and the narrow, tight technical runs which take a whole load of skill.

Xena won’t be stock for long, but with high clearance and a rear locker from the factory, Xena is plenty capable.

We aired down to 20 psi in the Endurance (Sequoia), and to 25 psi in Xena.

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