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Free no fees xxx nukd girls

.|he_fl OC-tlmt- gives us our frecdon. Cohen spirit, And Mtnlly Round the Flag.' After nil . , It's n Grand Old Flan ." ~~Mrl Spectator, points ou TThls Is freshing thought, rightly, expressed, from camera in_prote«(*i and demonstrations, or even for n inagn'/jin! No hippie with any real -pride in his up- pearnnce Ifran^ afford to lie seen In public wenring socks with his sandals and hoard and beads. i AN EDUCATION -Hcac Hr-.-Spei:tiitur Really, I don't know" what they nre tench' Ing kids In high school thesf days but some- '"Tteiwwitlon. It Is rumored that Clifford has had n Rrent deal to do with planning Johnson's 10(18 election hnndling the problem every llv- ling dny. It is likewise possible that the ■President needs Clifford In tho cabinet, holding nn office so Im- portant that bis opinions will carry great weight with his col T leagues. The Supreme Court, with only t V n ^h IS"^ ourselves Jt is a tltizens duty to identify nccorilimt m ncccp , C(1 B i on dnrds of deportment— nnd to be incon- venienced when wo do not. J]« Wwulerhead^ _ ' ^mv s1i»c 1 fidrneo ,of those wfio «tron K ly_n»i«jry_io _solye the 'prohlem Cllf. His new budget asks .04 bil- lion In new spending authority. — ^RBpr HTtt— a rosirr R- lowanw * of the most outspoken opponents ',of foreign aid, said (he Presi- dent's new recommendations "have less chance than last year's. ' , KAHN HAS FLU t RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (AP) President Mohammed Ajmb Khan, has , a . In Capllol Mall.' Introduced In House HBI (Ways and Means)— Ap- propriating 0,000 to Land Commission fund. Ad audience tn Magla Vnlloy, call 733-0031 or one of the - Tlmei-Nawa' frea phona num- .' bara If ynu live In nn area . It's ni fflfc V as Ofllllne « frtaud beonuuo our Ad-launra" are adhnolflirtrr— ~ ha helpful In such mniiera. ■ ^Surprise The Family Wff h A New Car For New Years. Q— My doctor lays I have har- dcnlniforihe arteries. Q — My do Ptor says' I have pennrtcritl.s nodosa and that thcro Is no curti 'for It. l et s show tho world wo love ill t ] ca \y a basic T requirement for getting or Sounds old fashioned? While these arc upper-class women, the heller is thai the example as It becomes widely RAY CROMLEY me mazes or flte popuia- tlon planning movents' nt — and It sometimes seems there aro ns many factions as individual planners — doubters insist that though even hero space, privacy nnd quiet are nipp in g out. 15, lflil H, the High Court, after examining a Cali- fornia stop - and - search case, found in favor of the policeman! I refuse |o .believe that Sit- -Court — Heelsiottsr most of the rest of the world, excepting only (be little penln- 8ii In of Western Europe, hunger nnd despernte over-crowding nre facts, not theory. Helen Wnlkcr, homo service adviser for Idaho Power . " was topic of the Sncinl^Relntions - lesson— at - the LDS Relief Society meeting, . One miner died of a heart at- tack during the third . The United Mine Workers claim they won a collective bar: gaining election at Soltfr'lnst year, but the mine owners have contested the election results. 4— Tim Oni MTCST HEADCn ATT IIN 'IT ON can ho secured for your ndvertliumcnt by til- ing cnmecutivo Iniortlnm. (Jae beat* an, oil healer*, coal haatara, coal- wood rangei, traah burner*, water ' haatara, keroeene haatara.

For a personal reply, Inclose a 'stamped, ' self-addressed enve- lope. — v- — DEAR FIFTEEN: Never mind bin feelings, A 27-year-old mart Who looks for ■ IS year old to «'«ry. 12, In- ienrntiom U — Order— of — J-ob J » Daughter*. Terrl Cooper, Pnm Pnrr, To fry Kllmos and .innoi Cnllon wero in" charge of the social hpur. lfl wedding Is plif Ttncd art Ihe First Christian *Church, Kimbcrly. ' DEAR ABBY: Miflva several Japanese girl friends who aro married to American men. He said the research park will mean fantastic economic growth to the slate. The greatest growth Is going to be in high technology industries "And they always locate near quality educational-research In Btltuiions." ^o:~sunpnrt— thls™crtriterftlfjh Fletcher pointed to a number of businesses which have located In Utah In the last two years, Ho mentioned General Instru- rccciv? (AP) — i Tlio trade means that New Or- Tlio New Orlenns Saints denlt leans ppwwi H-plck.

TO .70,, .01 OKIiir Cltyrrnin -t5 " 33-k5Q Omnhn, clear 30 13 PWIndelphin, Cloudy 47 30 Phoen|x, clear ...... Outlook tor Thursday con- tlniilnj; chnnce for snow flurrla M nnd ncoiionulilo tompornturcs, Tomnorntures at 8 a.m.: 32 at Confess Bristles At Big Budget Iblllly of a 1nx Increase, conlln-lcnn and wlli make moonlnalulj loo, eomplained .'Mhp Johnson WASHINGTON (AP) — Pros]- tied tn put heavy emphasis pa : reductloiis," _ said Jp^\^a^^nmnt\m^M By EDMOND Ix DRUTON WINDY Jerome,- U- at T. In t he pe nding court enses, niu T"pe'rsouii deru1iird T^fr* r glll Ii7 ty." Ono carrlod a loaded pis- 1 tol, ono carried burglar tools, the other was in possession of 'narcotics'"." " r ; Rut they are trying' to con- vince Hho court thnt the police . DEAR ABBY: I nm a IA-yoar- oltl i;lrl wlth'n problem. I feci sorry for Pnul, but he snyn It docs him jjood Just to luivo my shoulder to cry on. Marian Martin Pattern ~ 9267 — SIZES — -■ 10-1 B— . Print name, address with zip,, size and stylo number 1 . Bill Watt nnd Mr/I^C|jar Jes__Lon|doy J)resented n musical program on "IJio defi- nition of -Impplnoss when Ome- ga Chnpter, Beta Sigmn Phi, met for its regular meeting nt the home of Mrs. (Stale Affairs) — Creni- Inji governor's emergency fund. The additional itti Tcd Fi^^ch^TF^htch--nrr»ics'* j- maximum nennltv of five years In jail and a ,000 fine— also i Dg^Eiurar.resourc Biot Uic^Wu^pfli and conservation fund. , ha-' -Ttimr-hn— it h i i I , -t T n n"""T~»*-wt"- nml . You'ra ilia winnar whan von ladin up your Unrig* of thrv»- Ur v/illi nan,ui/»a Cliryilar Cofporn- I i*t V- oo' 1 1— onti-ouf— (odatv— tfo I n ad. Dode« - Chryalar • lm- parlal - Slmca - Dodo* Truck*; — "Home— of— tn« Good Guya" m 3 , s Vy Usett.l Ur Mib'llllin UMW tu&m /toot. Complete B rake Overhau l $ 22.95 Fords; Chevrolets, i Plym6uth» antl'AII , American Compactf. HEAVY DUTY PREMIUM LININGS ADDITIONAL .50 Official Inspection S tation IDAHO'S VEHICLE INSPECTION LAW" IS NOW IN EFFECT . Pnlntln R out the come overland to Twin Falls, obvious that no one from ISU It will be the first of f likes to lose to Idaho fn nny- mectln R« thin -year between the i thlii R or.nnytime, Conch Miller, two schools nnd the iiecf)nd,t(mc]Hnld "Wo hnv c to play two con- they've played on the Twin Flillfi^rnu M) fiiimcs nt Moscow (Feb, floor.

'Probabili- ty of mcnuurnblo prqc.'pltntlon 60 per cent thl« afternoon and tonight nnd 30 p«r cent Wednes- day. acting nu HRlclously In public ^la TJonr Thj TTiiiestlon-is^whether- po Jlce bav#,const It ullonnl authority Co detain nnd ques- tion. *llborty" Is— helng—lnterferred— with, they say, - They- aro - supported by tlte American Civil Liberties Union and the NAACP.r Sixteen etates authorized po- Pl Xles Dy ABIGAIL VAN BUREN . frlendc with— a-27-yoiir-old guy ■I'll call Paul, who works at n KUKol Inc Ht'ntlon near school,' I UNttd lo stop In there to tnlk to him, II sort of confided his Ijroubles to mo. He Days ho doesn't love hor, hut ho mlns- csi the baby. Musir Program Presented For Omega Xbapier_ BUHL— M^s. A nmorgnsbord dinner will bo served Inter in the evening. t, Legislative Log By The Assoc Joled Press lnlroducod In Sonato'" SB! Aitder-ion, American Falls, Idaho, has Iwon killed In Vietnam flghtlngrp ~ ALBERT ( U KRt) SEKb ALX - i_*a*^we U.known calt Ie L.*n U_ sheep man In Rupert area died Saturday at his home of a heart attack. He explained that , convictions for simplv possession of an un- registered weapon frequently ere obtained when local nollce ..rrested habitual criminals on minor ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ n NORM^s" • Truck Lane • Kimberly Road f Blue lakes No. today in the Twin I year — bo Rim two years uro I-all« Illfth School" j.y n\ nn slum. Duo to erosn winds ntjbcr, views the unmo n* Import- the airport, the Vandals hnd to ant, nltlioii Rh It doesn't count In lenvo the plnno nt IIo Ikc nnd the conference.

The policeman sure- ly has n "right" to defend him- self. An official of the Trensury De- nrtment'i Alcohol and Tobacco *ax Unit, which administers firearms registration, said the purpose of the weapons low In "to maintain some control on gangfltor-type weapons." . Its nt.' with Iho slate's already strong higher educntion system, and encourage Industry to use ll by -« ■ v ■ vi 1 1 ii 1. Them ponplo buve the monny and ore already In the mnrktrn- tn buy. ' *» 8— All entries become the property of the Times-News, ! CAPRI SEDAN Automatic tram mil * Ion, ratlin, wt Ulev/etl tlrai, factory- warranty. 1060 AMBASSADOR Sedan, Immaculate Inter., or, baautl/ul flnlth, over- 95 19(16 COMET Station wagnn. 4-ipead tranimli- lion, V* angina- * "" 95 200 Autos for Sal* NO ALIBIS Just good cars and trucks at fair prices!

contend that ,n po Iiccmnn,_.susi_ pecting danger, to himself ,_clm-_ not be" deterred from frisking a suspect. The government Issued 5,017 gambling stamps and collected J.172. It also collect- ed more than .6 million In gambling excjsa taxes. iiinko a good Cluiilllott Ad, 8— CLA.1SIFrr:n mnitora nro at- ready Intorosted In buvlng yiiuv'Sned or now mnrchtih- dlie. Nonlncss -U— Make sure your entry includes— name, 'address and" ' phono number. Jerome Sl IWINO' MACHINn~r TEED rejutir7 Than call Hklnner'Naw Ing Slinppr 733-5M3 for a faclory-trarneil tacl ntcfan, all make*.

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HMi 32 to 42, low |n 2014, except Cnmn K Prnlrla hlnh In 20b, low lord to 10. Entomology lab- oratory with 41 per cent humidi- ty, 31 at Rupert, 20 at Fairfield, 22 at llpllcy, 31) at Flu M, 23 nt Casllclord, 21 at Gooding. I'v Woathar bu- reau with 49 per cont hurn.'dlty, Barometer: 29.85. Tho word "Pueblo" (the nnme -of the American ship) was mentioned by thy litis- . There Is no doubt Clifford Is a brilliant staff man. In the past, shown an uncanny nblt/fy to-cqnio tfp Wftlr winning solutions when (ho situation see mod hopeless, ■ "rorir Hmwiris M-pmniw^ c **- ... All qf them- Involve persona who wore arrested niter... .thon-hla wife ran off nnd loft him for nnothcr mnn. ii^_e_f»r : A collection for the March of Dimesi was token among the member:! cnmp Blost place to keep warm while outside during the winter Is Ini Uie Wake- field's coat. Re/ore the ruiinft it was relatively simple to convict fin individual simnlv of possess- ing nn unregistered sawed-off shotgun. a conviction will be obtained only If It can be proven that taxes have not been paid either before the weapon was made or when Ir was trans- ferred. You will be required to have- your vahlcle checked at an official Inspection stat ion to ascer tain If It Is In good mechanical condi- tion and not alrafflc haia VU: = 1 =■■ ■■■ ■ — ; — BE SURE THE VEHICLE YOU DRIVE IS SAFE! Today Non-League Test Spices Outlook In Big Sky Race Idaho Stntc'u nen Riils lake nn'Mino — they piny three times (ho Unlverslty-of Idaho Vondaltf In the Blu Sky Conference thin nt B p.m. quick work- out on the |ty mint slum floor Moiulny nij[ht i while the Vniulnlti and Idaho has won both moot- in/to. Dan Miller, Inking over the )ielm enrly In Decern- Rot Inu't. lacka nt — Ahhoti'«-A»io-Si Ppiv.-iil-3rd-Ava._ - le Woal. Use as many n f the 7 words is possible In your letter of 75 words or more answering lh« ZITZEN- CLOPPER AD, ' (ALL 7 WORDS PUBLISHED DAILY IN THE CLASSIPIEDS) CONTEST ENDS MIDNIGHT JANUARY' 31, 1008 ■ ' • » :■■ ' CONTEST . words n r _tto , Jn ypur (elier, "(Wordfi^found In iodny's clnssfied pnges), 2— All entries* must he mailed In this Times-News, P.

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