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[But] because both concepts are [happening] at the same time, it could [also] be playful because these two different things are in the same category. More from CLEO: 2NE1’s Sandara Park Tells Us Why The Moonshot Cushion Is Great For Singaporeans YG Entertainment’s Cosmetics Brand Is Now Available In Singapore Top 7 Fashion Tricks You Need To Steal From Big Bang’s G-Dragonmoonshot is owned by YG Entertainment.

How much influence does the company have on the brand, and in what way is moonshot influenced by YG Entertainment artists? YG Entertainment artistes can be involved in the development as well because they use our products beforehand, even before it’s launched, so they can give us feedback.

And we make our products [according to their wishes] as well. For YG Entertainment artists, before they go on stage, they would say “Let’s play,” so [that slogan] is in our stores as well.

The makeup artists in our stores [kind of] play with the customers.

He’s not the brand’s model or the face of the whole brand, but he will have more products with his face. I like the two different personalities because the characters can go together, like the moon and the shot kind of concept.

And most of all she has really beautiful skin, [which is important because] it’s a cushion product that we’re launching.

Sandara Park is the batchmate of Joross Gambao in the first season of SCQ, while Mario Maurer was his co-star in the movie “Suddenly It’s Magic.” In an interview with PEP, the “Starting Over Again” actor said that he and Park were together in Thailand as they are always travelling together.

Consistent with the unique theme, the photos at her booth also mirrored her invitation card.

Many of her friends attended the party, including designer Bajowoo, Junsuke Yamasaki and stylist Masahiro Nakajima, as well as local celebrities like Vice Ganda and Sam Milby.

Most of our colour makeup ranges are all multi-functional, so it was not easy because you should be able to use that same product on your eyes, cheeks and lips and everything.

You know people can do that with their lipstick and use it on their cheeks and everything, but the thing is, we wanted to come up multi-functional products that can really be used everywhere on your skin… So when it comes to the brand’s name – moon and shot – you get a sense of [something] drastically different.

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