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Relics of these projects still dot the American landscape today, and are easy to find if you know where to look.One that always fascinated me was the network of microwave radio relay stations that once stitched the country together.No project seemed too big, and each pushed the bleeding edge of technology at the time.Some of these critical infrastructure projects have gone the way of the dodo, supplanted by newer technologies that rendered them obsolete.A bewildering amount of engineering was thrown at the various challenges presented to the United States by the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War.

Jacksonville @ Cleveland Team Totals: Jaguars 22.5, Browns 14.5 As the Jaguars kept all four of their running backs active in last week’s narrow win over the Chargers, Leonard Fournette’s usage was dialed back with 19 touches on 54% of the snaps after he averaged 24.2 touches on a 59% playing-time clip in his first six games.

From mountaintop to mountaintop, they stood silent and largely unattended, but they once buzzed with the business of a nation.

Here’s how they came to be, and how they eventually made themselves relics.

Leveraging work from a 1944 trial system AT&T built to link Boston and New York, AT&T started to plan a coast-to-coast network of microwave relay stations in the C-band from 4 to 8 GHZ that would not only carry hundreds of simultaneous telephone calls, but would yield enough bandwidth to carry the newness of the day — television signals.

The Long Lines coast-to-coast microwave system was inaugurated in 1951 with a televised address by President Truman.

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The reduced workload may have been a precautionary move after Fournette aggravated his ankle injury in Week 6, then sat for the ensuing month.