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You might ace the test, but with Tam’s suggestion, you could also be on your way to gaining a crowd of acolytes even before you graduate.“Exercising before studying helps improve reading and comprehension and could improve test scores by as much as 17 percent,” says Alyssa Vincent, a digital PR manager for One on One Marketing.Or it could be as formal as getting a study group of younger students together and tutoring them in grammar.With this tip, you can kill two birds with one stone.It also states that the fittest students scored 30 percent higher on all tests than other students. “Discuss the course material with the professor and teaching assistants,” suggests Harvard graduate Dr. “They need to know that you care about the course, that you have done the work, and that you are intelligent. It is the best way to stand out, since hardly anyone goes (except perhaps just before an exam).” Not only does getting to know your professor help them understand you a bit better, but you might actually learn something more about them and the subject you’re studying!“I always picked the hardest, most controversial subjects I could,” says Alexis Chrzanowski, an account executive of sales and marketing at Innovative Facility Solutions.“For instance, if I wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, I might require myself to recall a certain formula before I get back in bed.” Maybe for you, it’s quizzing yourself each time you stand up to walk somewhere.Or perhaps you pull out a flashcard every time you take a sip from your water bottle.

No matter how you choose to prepare for finals, now you have 11 creative study alternatives that will help you make the grade!In the meantime, check out Rasmussen College’s Support network of student services designed to help you earn a degree and find a job.To apply for admission into the online programs please use our online application.This may simply mean walking back and forth as you memorize.If you’re a kinesthetic learner, this might be key for you. “Search ‘study music’,” says Marissa Hu, co-founder and CEO of Co-Ed Supply.

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Remember to heed the advice you learned here if you're looking to become that straight-A student you know you can be.

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