Panty sex chat

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Panty sex chat

If you're rude, I'll tell you everything we have is already out so I don't have to walk back there in heels." Brooke: "We weren’t allowed to gift wrap at the register -- it holds up the lines -- but if a client was chatty with me, sometimes I'd do it anyway.

I remember one mom was shopping for Pink sweats to surprise her daughter because she had just gotten into college -- coincidentally, the school I went to. Connect with us and keep our jobs interesting -- putting sensors on bras all day gets mind-numbing!

' They couldn't wait to get out of there and I found they usually listened to me.

Associates didn't make commission, but I would make a game out of it because big sales meant Starbucks gift cards from my manager." Brooke: "Horny teenage boys loved to come in and bother us -- they'd pose for photos groping the half-naked plastic mannequins and try to steal their wings.

Bulking underwear can be off-the-charts annoying under your favourite jeans.

We designed these lightweight panties with super stretch to fit your changing shape during pregnancy and beyond.

' or 'That style thong comes in five colors -- why not treat her to all of them?

We're talking girls conducting lingerie photo shoots. There's no way that would happen at The Gap -- Victoria's Secret's innate sex appeal makes people extra frisky.

There's a reason you have to be 18 to work there." Cassandra: "It was too close for comfort at times -- some women had NO shame.

I'm now overly conscious as a shopper to re-hang anything I ever try on." Julie: "Victoria's Secret is a high-end store, so it does attract some elitist clientele.

But the clients who treated me with respect -- that's who I would scour the stock room for in search of that lime-green demi bra in a 34C.

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' I would have been making way more that $7.50 an hour." Brooke: "Shopping for lingerie is very different from shopping for corduroys.

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