Who is zac efron dating right now

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Who is zac efron dating right now

The furious online coverage of his pecs, lats, and delts expands daily, ranging from fawning and breathless (“This Woman Spraying Zac Efron’s Body Has Your Dream Job!

”) to downright weird (“Are buff male stars like Zac Efron driving young men to drugs and eating disorders? And certainly Efron appreciates the love; but as a guy who spent years running away from the first, extremely popular, version of himself—Zac Efron, Pretty Boy Teen Idol—he admits he’s now wary of being typecast all over again, this time as Zac Efron, Shredded Human Ken Doll., in which he reprises his role as Teddy.

I love universal cable machines with arms that can move in different directions, because you can optimally put them in the proper position when you're pressing and pulling.

On a cable machine, you can do high rows, one-arm rows, one-arm presses, proper standing chest presses.

He drinks a little, then adds water to dilute what’s left.

When our iced coffees arrive, he pours a little of that into the bottle, too.

"Happy Birthday to the biggest goofball I know, @zendaya! When it was Zac's 30th birthday, Zendaya shared a lovely pic of the pair filming a scene together and of course she wrote in the caption all about their friendship. @zacefron Thanks for having my back the whole movie, quite literally.✨ @greatestshowman #greatestshowman," she wrote. Their other co-star, the one, and only Hugh, echoed Zac's sentiments about how fab the starlet is too, confirming everything you ever thought about her to be true. That girl makes it all look absolutely effortless," Hugh said to so she's obviously starting her movie career off the right way.

#fbf #rewritesquad #birthdaygirl 🙌☺️👆🎸💫," he wrote.

With Zac, I helped him create positive adaptations for perfect posture and alignment, all the while going through a very high-intensity program. I consider what type of supersets I’m slating for every workout. I trained him for several months, and he never went through the same exact workout twice. I saw him daily, too, so it was amazing what happened. [Here's one of the workouts Efron used to get his body beach-ready.] At its core, this was a whole-food diet. He could have brown rice, but not brown-rice pasta. And under a timed set, your spine can flex, your knees can bow out, and your poor wrists can be forced to 90°. For example, shorter people have shorter levers [arms and legs].

That shoot ran until 5 a.m., after which Efron spent some more time with his girlfriend, then caught a few hours of sleep before dragging himself out of bed to drive over to West Hollywood to talk about himself over brunch.

As soon as we finish, he’ll go straight to the airport and fly back to Savannah, landing around 1 a.m., and by 7 tomorrow morning, he’ll be on set again, alongside the Rock, rescuing people pretending to drown. It’s obvious he’s tired, and I half expect him to order a cheeseburger and a beer and prop up his feet.

In person, Efron is taller than I’d imagined—5'9"—and far less bulky. “Right now I’m probably the physically strongest I’ve ever felt,” he says.

It’s not until he pushes his sleeve up to scratch at the remnants of a fake fraternity tattoo from the previous day’s shoot that I glimpse a sign of it: a giant biceps, ridged with veins. “Not in terms of bench press or how much I can squat, but in how quickly I could get out of this room and destroy everything in my path.” He looks around the room—at the parents with kids, the willowy young women and men eating in sunglasses to disguise their hangovers—and laughs.

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When you push the capabilities of what muscles can do, you can reach full potential.

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