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On the morning of September 14, 2005 she went to his house to collect her things.

In a fit of rage, Martinez repeatedly stabbed Lindsay and left her in his bath tub where she bled to death."Parents don't realize how much a part of their life their children really are until you lose one of them," Ann said.

"And he said, 'next time you walk by me, acknowledge me. "When someone does that to you, you feel a loss of yourself," she replied.

Say that you love me.'"Raped, beaten and berated on a regular basis, she stayed with him, believing the abuse was part of a normal relationship."A Thin Line" MTV's Initiative to Stop Digital Abuse"I knew my aunt went through it so I thought, you know, if she stuck it out with him, with her husband for years, that I should just do the same and keep my mouth shut," she added. The controlling behavior eventually turned violent. Things got so bad that she began skipping classes and avoiding work.

Relentless texting, constant instant messaging, and virtual mind games played out on social networking sites are all becoming tools of choice for abusive teenagers wanting to control their partners.

CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric reports that an alarming number of American teenagers have experienced abusive relationships.

"All I remember was landing face first on the floor," said Tina, 18.

Today, Ann's teaching her eighth graders the lessons her daughter Lindsay never had. Students are also being enlisted across the country in peer to peer programs that help teens understand what makes a healthy relationship.

And in high school, students learn to identify red flags like jealousy and controlling behavior that are often precursors to violence. A program like this helped Tina get out of her abusive boyfriend.

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Lindsay Ann Burke Memorial Fund Ann's grief quickly turned to anger and then action.