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Not all foreigners necessarily speak with a heavy accent, as many films and TV series seem to indicate. Famous for their rich cultural traditions and the first civilizations in history.

While this story references real people and real events it is entirely a work of make believe.The sun won and Sarah soon found herself waking up.It was then that she noticed a few things were not right at all.She smacked her lips when she noticed they were dry and appeared to be coated with a residue of some kind. It was coming back in little snippets but there was no coherent picture in her mind. Sarah was still groggy as she tried to walk and the more she tried to remember what had happened the harder it was to picture things.And when she did that she recognized a faint taste that made her eyes widen. She’d never, ever blacked out before and she had no idea what could possibly have caused it. She remembered that last night had been their Christmas party, but there was nothing she could remember that allowed her to figure out why what was supposed to have been a completely normal and festive party had resulted in her waking up naked on the floor with a throbbing head and no memories.

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Still, to most people Asia is mostly associated with the Far East.

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