Bald men dating site

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Bald men dating site

His emotional weakness makes the woman feel stronger than him, so she will find it difficult to feel sexual attraction for him…and if there is no sexual attraction, she isn’t going to be interested in anything other than a conversation or friendship.

Now that you’ve read both scenarios, let me ask you: Can you see why women would go for the ball guy over the tall, insecure “good looking” guy with a full head of hair?

It’s not a simple question to answer, but rest assured – you’ve got nothing to worry about. Here’s the thing – being bald isn’t the only characteristic about you. As long as you act like a man, women will like you. Think about it – let’s use a metaphor as an example: If you were to ask the global population what their dream car is, you’d probably hear a lot of Ferraris, Lamborghini’s, Bentleys, and so on.

Like everything on this site, our goal is to not sugarcoat things but to instead be as objective and honest as possible. If you were to go ask 100 women whether they prefer bald guys or guys with hair, there’s a decent chance that all 99 of those women will say they prefer guys with hair. You are a man with your own unique life experience, you have your own stories to tell, your own personality, your own idiosyncrasies, and so on. Remember that because it’s important to my next point. Does that mean that Toyota Camry’s are bad cars and won’t sell? Do you think the Toyota Camry hears this statistic and thinks in it’s motor brain “Will somebody ever buy me? Here’s the reality – women, much like men, have “dream guys”.

Despite the superficial things that women might say or what TV commercials might try to convince you to think to buy their deodorant “that drives women wild” or their hair gel “that will make women say WOW,” you’ve got to focus on what happens in the REAL world.The human mating dance is not about you being being a young, pretty little peacock and hoping to be chosen by a woman.It’s about you being a confident man and choosing a woman based on how young and pretty she looks. However, the reason why they fail with women is explained in this video…“When I add 5 more kilos/11 pounds and more definition to my shoulder muscles, THEN women will like me.

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The trick is getting your foot in the door, and that’s where confidence comes in.

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